Dear Educators of the Ministry of Defence,
I would love to first welcome you to this portal.
In a bid to serve you all better, equip you all and make your work life easier we have deployed this portal.

This portal will allow us to collect the following;
• comprehensive records of all teachers at a glance.
• Online Real-time Information Update of our teaching staff.
• Keep track of teachers’ Professional development and career progression.
• Help in determining teachers’ recruitment needs, placement, promotion, etc.
• Enable the Ministry to have policy details based on the information available on the database.
• Optimum record keeping and information utilization.
• It guarantees improvement in service delivery to the school and society at large.
• Lower long-term costs in recruitment and training needs.
• Automate generation of statistics and analysis reports.
We strongly believe that this portal makes us all effective and efficient.
I employ you all to make the best of this opportunity and embrace this technology.

Kind regards,
Afolake Taiwo
Director Educational Services
Ministry of Defence.